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I’m often asked how to freeze corn and if it still tastes as good as when it was fresh. We love our frozen corn and have never had an issue just cleaning it and freezing whole cobs or cutting it off and making our own niblets. we have never blanched our corn prior to freezing (but we do eat it rather quickly.) I’ve done some digging about whether or not you should blanch or not and this is what I’ve found: “Research has shown that unblanched super sweet corn can be held in frozen storage for up to 8 months without significant loss of flavor quality. Beyond 8 months of frozen storage, however, the blanched corn was preferred by a taste panel. The storage life of frozen corn is likely to vary depending on the variety used and growing conditions for a particular year.

So a good rule of thumb is that if the corn is to be eaten within the same year it is grown, it may not require blanching. However, for longer term frozen storage, blanching will result in a higher quality product. For more information read Let’s Preserve Sweet Corn at the link below.”

Let’s Preserve Sweet Corn

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