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"Oh my goodness, that was the best corn I've ever had"

We love hearing this from our customers.  They often ask us how this is possible and so here is what sets our cobs apart.

  • From farm to table - to guarantee freshness, our corn is hand selected and picked daily.
  • Taste tested - if you can't eat corn fresh picked and raw, it isn't going to get better when you cook it and so we taste test it ourselves.
  • No Starch here - The longer you leave these variety's of corn the starchier they become. All corn bought at grocery stores or even chain farm market stores are coming from commercial cooler warehouse's, the process from from Farm to Table is just way to long for the corn the keep its optimum taste.
  • Only the best cobs for you - each stalk bears multiple ears of corn and unlike commercial picking methods, hand picking ensures that only ears of perfect ripeness are chosen (don't worry the others do not go to waste, the cows and horses love fresh corn too).  


it all starts with a seed

The Corn Shack